• My wife (PJ) and I had your special dinner on Wednesday of this week.  We just wanted to let you know we enjoyed the entire experience.  Each course was tasty and unique.  Normally I’m a fast eater but I slowed down and truly enjoyed each course.  The wines you selected went well with the each course.  Your wait staff was professional and the restaurant’s overall appearance made the whole experience just that more enjoyable. 

    PJ & I had been regular customers of Uniscali, and were disappointed to see it leave town as we enjoyed it immensely. On the positive side we are so glad that “yawl” opened VistaVino and brought in an exceptional restaurant to replace Uniscali.

    We certainly look forward to having many enjoyable culinary experiences in the future at VistaVino.

    Thanks for your overall professionalism at VistaVino!

    PJ and Tom